Huobi applies for Crypto Trading License in Hong Kong

Huobi applies for Crypto Trading License in Hong Kong

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Trade in cryptocurrencies Huobi has submitted an application to the Hong Kong government for a license to trade cryptocurrencies. This will make it possible for Huobi to broaden the range of options for trading cryptocurrencies and investing in them that it provides to users in Hong Kong.

In addition to the announcement on the license, Huobi is in the process of launching a brand new exchange in Hong Kong that will be properly named Huobi Hong Kong.

Consumers will have access to a wide range of trading pairs and services provided by the exchange, which will operate in full conformity with all applicable local legislation. As a result of this, investors will have access to a trustworthy and safe platform on which they may purchase, sell, and store digital assets.

The new exchange will focus on providing trading services to clients in Hong Kong who have a high net worth as well as institutional investors. It portrays the exchange as a trustworthy and protected point of entry for larger investors in Asia who are interested in the bitcoin business.

This is a major milestone for the top cryptocurrency exchange, and it also illustrates the company’s continuous effort to operating in a compliant and regulated way in all of its business dealings.

Huobi’s most recent upgrade is also a reaction to a recent article published by Bloomberg, which said that Hong Kong authorities are contemplating allowing ordinary investors to trade cryptocurrencies. The article was published in response to Huobi’s most recent upgrade.

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