Gods Unchained's first seasonal NFT card set

Gods Unchained’s first seasonal NFT card set

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Gods Unchained, in association with Immutable X, a global blockchain company, has initiated its first seasonal-themed card set. The Christmas-themed card set is a collection of unique festive assets and digital cosmetics.

Titled Winter Wonderland is the first mini-set developed for the game, and the limited edition of it will include 20 festive-themed cards. Furthermore, Winter Wonderlands will add several time-limited exclusive collectibles for players to boost their gaming experience.

The digital collection also provides a special festive story around the goddess of deception Lydia and her champion, Orfeo. The story will take players close to the Winter Wonderlands.

Daniel Paez, God Unchained’s executive producer stated, “The new set will be a truly special edition, and we wholeheartedly invite the Gods Unchained community to join us as this Christmas story unfolds, and bear witness to this unique narrative that for the first time ever places the champions in a different world outside of Eucos,”

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