GAM3S.GG Successfully Concludes $2 Million Seed Investment Round

GAM3S.GG Successfully Concludes $2 Million Seed Investment Round

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In a game-changing move for the web3 gaming sphere, GAM3S.GG, previously recognized as Polkastarter Gaming, has wrapped up a substantial $2 million seed investment round. Leading this funding initiative was Mechanism Capital, with a lineup of influential angel investors and venture capitalists adding their support to the project’s ambitious vision.


The project’s rebranding coincided with the conclusion of this remarkable seed round, showcasing its newfound direction and purpose. Among the notable investors contributing to this endeavor are Polygon, Double Peak, ArkStream Capital, LD Capital, ROK Capital, Hyperithm, Snackclub, Emurgo Ventures, Eden Ventures, MixMarvel DAO Venture, 4SV, CommonWealth Capital, Venly Ventures, TKX Capital, SkyVision Capital, Compute Ventures, and MarketAcross. Together, this group of investors and partners has affectionately dubbed GAM3S.GG the “IGN for Web3.”

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Boasting over 60,000 registered users and featuring a diverse array of 200+ games across 15 blockchain networks, GAM3S.GG has solidified its status as the largest web3 gaming community since its inception in November 2022.

The platform, often likened to an “IGN for web3,” aims to utilize the capital infusion to further develop and expand its offerings. Web3 games present unique challenges in terms of infrastructure and user experience, and GAM3S.GG is committed to pushing boundaries beyond the industry’s conventional feature sets.

Ken, a Partner at Mechanism Capital, emphasized the need for innovation in gaming hubs and aggregators, stating that “Finding the win will require teams to take us past the feature sets we have been stuck with for years.” He added that GAM3S.GG is well-positioned to lead the charge in reshaping the web3 gaming landscape.

The year 2023 has seen an influx of heavyweight players in the gaming industry, with titles like Sugartown and Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles from Zynga and Ubisoft entering the web3 gaming arena. As the market continues to attract more players and undergoes a perceptual shift, GAM3S.GG’s role as an aggregator becomes increasingly vital.

Omar Ghanem, Co-Founder & CEO at GAM3S.GG, recognized the industry’s challenges and stated, “The gaming industry is at a crossroads; while web3 offers new exciting possibilities, the lack of quality content and a singular destination for all your web3 gaming needs has left many gamers lost.”

Since its launch, GAM3S.GG has attracted thousands of registered players, offering a meticulously curated selection of next-generation web3 games. Notably, the platform hosted the inaugural GAM3 Awards, the largest web3 game awards presentation, with over 250,000 votes cast and 140,000 viewers tuning in to the streamed event.

Looking ahead, GAM3S.GG has an array of cutting-edge features in the pipeline. These include social logins, player-owned item management, progression prizes, retrospective in-game progress tracking, and the ability to play web3 games directly on the platform—all aimed at reducing barriers to entry for blockchain games.

Shreyansh Singh, Head of Investments at Polygon, commended GAM3S.GG’s innovation in web3 gaming and its role as a trusted compass in this emerging frontier. “Investing in them isn’t just about backing a platform; it’s about championing a vision where web3 gaming is accessible, quality games rise above the noise, and where gamers have a trusted compass in this new frontier,” he emphasized.

The journey for GAM3S.GG is just beginning, and the web3 gaming industry is still in its nascent stages. As more renowned brands join the blockchain gaming arena, GAM3S.GG stands ready to serve as the gateway for players to fully embrace web3 games with all the resources and support they need. Stay tuned as GAM3S.GG continues to reshape the web3 gaming landscape.

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