WISe.ART is a secure NFT marketplace powered by WISeKey’s advanced cybersecurity technology. It provides a platform for artists and collectors to authenticate, trade, and showcase digital artworks and their physical counterparts. As a subsidiary of WISeKey International Holding Ltd, WISe.ART focuses on digital identity, blockchain authentication, and IoT solutions to ensure the provenance, security, and authenticity of art in the Web3 space.

WISe.ART’s Features:

  1. Authentication and Provenance: WISe.ART leverages WISeKey’s cybersecurity expertise and blockchain technology to establish authenticated, signed digital assets. This ensures the provenance, assurance, and secure ownership of digital artworks.
  2. Secure NFT Marketplace: WISe.ART provides a comprehensive digital marketplace for the arts and technology sectors. It offers unique capabilities such as curator and multiplier options, white-labeling, and exclusive NFT designs.
  3. Trusted Transactions: WISe.ART ensures secure transactions by utilizing WISeKey’s cybersecurity technology. This guarantees the authenticity and integrity of the artworks being traded on the platform.



The Hashgraph Association THA


Round: Strategic
Date: January, 2024

Funding round investors: