Versatus Labs

Versatus Labs

Versatus Labs is a blockchain scaling startup that has recently shifted its focus to developing a “stateless rollup” called LASR for Ethereum. This stateless rollup aims to enhance scalability by settling only the essential data of transactions on the base layer, providing a layer-agnostic solution that can work with any layer or blockchain.

LASR, which stands for “Layer Agnostic Stateless Rollup,” is designed to reduce the cost and inefficiencies associated with Ethereum while delivering a superior developer experience. It allows developers to build smart contracts in their preferred language, with their preferred tools. LASR settles transactions on the Ethereum base layer but can also work with any layer or multiple blockchains.

Key Features of Versatus LASR:

  1. Stateless Execution: LASR relocates compute processes off-chain, eliminating the responsibilities and expenses tied to maintaining state and storing data.
  2. Layer-Agnostic Solution: LASR can be used as a Layer 2 on top of a Layer 1, a Layer 3 on top of a Layer 2, or as an off-chain execution environment for Layer 1s.
  3. Enhanced Scalability: By settling only the necessary data on the base layer, LASR aims to enhance scalability and reduce the costs and inefficiencies associated with Ethereum.
  4. Language-Agnostic Smart Contracts: LASR enables developers to build smart contracts in their preferred programming language, expanding the options beyond Solidity and Rust.
  5. Cross-Chain Capabilities: LASR allows for cross-chain native asset transfers and cross-chain contract integrations.



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Round: Seed
Amount raised: $2,300,000
Date: December, 2023
Round: Pre-seed
Amount raised: $1,400,000
Date: February, 2023

Funding round investors: