Sindri Labs

Sindri Labs

Sindri Labs is a company that is developing a zero-knowledge infrastructure platform to simplify access to hardware acceleration for Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) generation. Their platform aims to provide developers with an intuitive and efficient way to integrate ZKP technology into their projects. Here are some key points about Sindri Labs and their zero-knowledge infrastructure platform:

  1. Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs): Zero-knowledge proofs allow parties to verify cryptographic statements without revealing any specific details about the statement itself. This preserves confidentiality and privacy while improving scalability through efficient verification without full data disclosure.
  2. Simplifying ZKP Infrastructure: Sindri Labs is focused on simplifying the process of creating and accessing ZKP infrastructure. They provide a cloud-based platform that offers high-performance, reliability, cost savings, and flexibility for developers working with ZKPs.
  3. Hardware Acceleration: Sindri Labs’ platform enables developers to access hardware acceleration for ZKP generation through their API. This allows for faster and more efficient ZKP computation, enhancing the overall performance of applications that utilize ZKPs.
  4. Targeted User Base: Sindri Labs’ platform caters to a diverse user base, including developers working on blockchain Layer 2 solutions, zkML (zero-knowledge machine learning) projects, ZK researchers, and other organizations seeking to leverage ZKP technology.
  5. Integration of Latest Proving Schemes: Sindri Labs’ platform is designed to seamlessly integrate the latest proving schemes for diverse use cases. This ensures that developers have access to the most advanced and efficient ZKP technologies available.



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Round: Seed
Amount raised: $5,000,000
Date: December, 2023

Funding round investors: