Seam Social

Seam Social

Seam Social is a Web3 social platform that offers users the ability to code, design, and curate their own personalized online social spaces. It introduces the concept of mini-apps, which allows users to customize their profiles with various elements such as gifs and music. Seam aims to revolutionize the social media business model by hosting a marketplace where users can create and share their own mini-apps and themes.

Key Features of Seam:

  1. Customization: Seam empowers users to personalize their social spaces by allowing them to code, design, and curate their profiles. Users can add elements like gifs, music, and other interactive features to make their profiles unique.
  2. Mini-Apps: Seam introduces mini-apps, which are small applications that users can create and share with others. These mini-apps can be used to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of profiles, providing a more engaging and interactive experience.
  3. Marketplace: Seam hosts a marketplace where users can discover and share user-created mini-apps and themes. This marketplace allows users to monetize their creations and provides a platform for creativity and collaboration within the Seam community.
  4. Seam Points: Users are rewarded with Seam Points for customizing their profiles and creating mini-apps. These points can be used to unlock additional features and customizations, further enhancing the user experience.



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Round: Seed
Amount raised: $25,000,000
Date: December, 2023