Rhinestone is a cutting-edge smart account ecosystem that focuses on modularity, interoperability, and security. It provides developers with a platform to build and deploy custom functionalities for smart accounts, enabling a more personalized and secure experience for wallet users. The ecosystem emphasizes collaboration and open-source development, supporting interoperability with popular smart account solutions.

Key Features of Rhinestone:

  1. Modularity: Rhinestone enables developers to create modular smart account functionalities through its standardized protocol. These modules can be easily built and installed by any developer or user, allowing for a wide range of customizable features and functionalities.
  2. Interoperability: Rhinestone’s protocol acts as an interoperability layer between accounts, modules, and users. This ensures seamless integration and compatibility with various smart account solutions, promoting collaboration and the sharing of innovative ideas.
  3. Security: Rhinestone prioritizes the security of smart accounts. It provides a secure and extensible infrastructure for developers to distribute and monetize their modules. Users can discover and install these modules with confidence, knowing that they have been vetted and verified by the Rhinestone ecosystem.
  4. Open Platform: Rhinestone aims to create an open platform for permissionless innovation. It encourages developers to contribute to the ecosystem by building and sharing their modules, fostering a vibrant and diverse community of developers and users.
  5. Support and Backing: Rhinestone is supported by notable investors who are passionate about its mission, including 1kx, Safe, Lattice, and Heartcore.



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Round: Pre-seed
Date: December, 2023
Round: Grants
Date: September, 2023

Funding round investors: