Matr1x FIRE

Matr1x is a mobile competitive first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by Matr1x game studio. It is the first game in the Matr1x platform, which aims to revolutionize the Web3 industry. Here are some key updates and information about Matr1x:

  1. Funding and Investors:
    • Matr1x has successfully raised $10 million in funding. Investors include Hana Financial Investments, HashKey Capital, Amber Group, and SevenX, among others.
    • This investment marks the entry of a traditional financial giant, Hana Financial Group, into the Web3 industry.
  2. Game Development:
    • Matr1x is developing three mobile games with a unified worldview: Matr1x Fire, Matr1x War, and Matr1x Evolution.
    • Matr1x Fire is a competitive FPS game that covers successive stories about Cyber Earth, Mars Immigration, and Interstellar Expedition.
    • Matr1x Fire opened pre-registration and received close to 28,000 users in less than 96 hours.
  3. Significance of Mobile FPS:
    • Shooter games, especially FPS, are highly popular globally.
    • Matr1x aims to tap into the mobile FPS market, which has the potential to reach a larger player base, especially in developing countries where mobile phones are more accessible.
    • The development of high-quality mobile FPS games is challenging, and Matr1x is considered one of the capable developers in this field.
  4. Game Genre and Market Potential:
    • Shooter games, including FPS, are among the most-played gaming genres across various age groups.
    • Competitive FPS games, like Matr1x Fire, are considered the crown jewel of the shooter game genre.
    • Industry leader CS:GO, a PC and console FPS game, had a significant player count and revenue, highlighting the potential of the genre.
  5. Matr1x’s Impact on Web3:
    • Matr1x games are powered by Polygon, a layer-2 scaling solution or sidechain that provides faster and lower-cost transactions.
    • Matr1x aims to showcase the potential of high-quality non-financial applications in the Web3 industry.
    • The success of Matr1x could pave the way for the integration of Web3 technologies into the gaming industry and beyond.



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Date: December, 2023
Round: Series A
Amount raised: $10,000,000
Date: November, 2023
Round: Series A
Amount raised: $10,000,000
Date: February, 2023