GFO-X is a regulated trading venue in the UK that specializes in digital asset derivatives. It provides institutional investors with a secure platform for trading Bitcoin index futures and options. Here are some key details about GFO-X:

Regulation and Partnerships:

  • GFO-X is authorized and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
  • It is the first UK-regulated trading venue dedicated to digital asset derivatives.
  • GFO-X has formed a strategic partnership with LCH SA, a clearing house of the London Stock Exchange Group.
  • The partnership aims to offer centrally cleared derivatives, ensuring a safe and transparent environment for large institutions in the digital asset market.

Services and Benefits:

  • GFO-X targets large global institutional participants and aims to provide a highly regulated, institutional-grade platform for digital asset derivatives trading.
  • The platform focuses on delivering enhanced liquidity, institutional connectivity, and risk mitigation through advanced technology and optimized contract specifications.
  • By offering centrally cleared derivatives, GFO-X provides institutional investors with a secure trading environment, protecting their assets and ensuring transparency.

Importance of Regulation:

  • GFO-X recognizes the importance of evolving regulation in bringing digital assets into mainstream finance.
  • The company believes that building a regulated financial market ecosystem is complex, time-consuming, and expensive, but crucial for the long-term viability of digital assets and the digitization of real tangible assets.
  • GFO-X’s partnership with LCH SA and its regulatory compliance demonstrate its commitment to establishing trust and credibility in the digital asset market.



MG Investments


Round: Series B
Amount raised: $30,000,000
Date: December, 2023

Funding round investors: