EthosX is a decentralized finance platform that aims to revolutionize the creation and trading of financial derivatives by leveraging blockchain technology. By eliminating the need for centralized authorities, EthosX provides users with fully-functional derivatives on-chain, offering fast, secure, and efficient trading experiences.

Key Features of EthosX:

  1. On-Chain Derivatives: EthosX enables the creation and trading of derivatives directly on the blockchain, eliminating the need for intermediaries and increasing transparency.
  2. Options Infrastructure: The platform offers an options infrastructure that allows institutions and traders to trade high-value on-chain options with zero counterparty risk and settlement risk.
  3. Request-For-Quote System: EthosX incorporates a Request-For-Quote system to enhance liquidity in derivative trades.
  4. Perpetual Options: EthosX has created perpetual options that can be traded by both retail traders and institutions on their website.
  5. Derivatives Infrastructure for Crypto Companies: EthosX provides derivatives infrastructure to other crypto companies, allowing them to offer derivative products as part of their services.
  6. Liquidation Protection: The platform offers liquidation protection for lending protocols, allowing users to purchase on-chain derivatives as automated insurance against liquidations in decentralized finance.

Recent Updates:

  1. Fundraising Success: EthosX recently closed a successful fundraising round, securing $1.8 million in capital from prominent investors, including Y Combinator, Franklin Templeton, and Emurgo Ventures.
  2. SWITCH Product: EthosX is excited to introduce its upcoming product called SWITCH, which represents a pair of tokens facilitating perpetual rolled-over put options on crypto assets. SWITCH aims to provide secure, non-custodial solutions for traders while minimizing risk and increasing transparency.
  3. Suite of Products: EthosX has developed a suite of products to address specific challenges within the derivatives ecosystem. This includes an Institutional OTC Trading Platform, an on-chain clearing house, and liquidation protection for lending protocols.



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