CESS (Cumulus Encrypted Storage System) is a blockchain-driven project that aims to revolutionize cloud storage by creating a decentralized storage system. By leveraging virtualization technology and a global content delivery network (CDN), CESS strives to provide users with reliable data storage and access while promoting a decentralized internet landscape.

Recent updates on CESS highlight its progress and achievements in the field of decentralized storage and CDN. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Series A Funding: In December 2023, CESS announced the successful completion of its Series A financing, raising a total investment of $8 million. This funding will be utilized to drive technological innovation within the decentralized cloud storage and CDN sectors, aiming to establish a secure, transparent, and efficient data value network.
  2. Technology Development: CESS has been actively focused on advancing its test network release iterations, including DeOSS (Decentralized Object Storage Service), DeCloud, DeShare, and other innovative technology solutions. These iterations demonstrate CESS’s commitment to building advanced decentralized cloud storage and CDN solutions.
  3. Test Network: CESS has made significant progress in its test network development. Starting from the CESS Testnet v0.6.0 in January, there have been a total of four iterations of the 2023 CESS Testnet. These iterations aim to continually improve development through bug fixes, feature additions, and code optimization, ultimately delivering fast, affordable, secure, customizable, and privacy-centric storage solutions.
  4. Decentralized Object Storage Service (DeOSS): CESS has pioneered DeOSS, the core service of decentralized cloud storage. DeOSS operates as a decentralized object-based mass storage service within the CESS network, providing users with high-frequency dynamic data storage needs, robust security, scalability, and privacy-focused decentralized storage services. DeOSS supports a broad spectrum of use cases and has undergone multiple version updates and optimizations to enhance its functionality and performance.
  5. CESS Substats: CESS completed its third grant proposal to the Web3 Foundation (W3F) for the development of Substats, a lightweight blockchain browser framework. Substats aims to provide users with a user-focused blockchain browser development framework, prioritizing speed and interaction.
  6. DeShare & DeCloud: CESS has developed a thriving product ecosystem, including online file-sharing tools like DeShare and the DeCloud data storage application. DeShare, based on the CESS decentralized cloud storage protocol, offers decentralized file-sharing services, continuously improving its performance and usability. DeCloud prioritizes security and user ownership, allowing for easy sharing of various file formats.



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