Carv is a Web3 identity startup that is focused on developing a Web3 ID solution for the gaming industry. They aim to combine web2 and web3 gaming data to create unique user IDs. This allows users to have a seamless and secure identity across different gaming platforms and applications.

Carv’s Approach:

  • Carv takes a different approach compared to other decentralized identity (DID) solutions by initially focusing on the gaming industry.
  • They have developed an engine that aggregates gamer data from both web2 and web3 sources, allowing them to create unique user IDs.
  • Their solution also includes a white-label data service for game operators, enabling them to query cross-platform data about new users, such as reputation and achievements on established ecosystems like Steam.

Benefits and Future Plans:

  • By providing a user-friendly ID solution, Carv aims to lower the barriers for onboarding web2 users into the Web3 space.
  • They believe that the gaming industry is an ideal starting point for decentralized identity solutions due to its consumer-facing nature and the existing opportunities in this space.
  • Carv has already partnered with over 90 games and has exceeded 300,000 registered users, with 160,000 active monthly users.
  • Their DID system is compatible with more than 20 Layer 1 networks, including Ethereum and Solana, covering a significant portion of the blockchain gaming market.
  • Carv is generating revenues through its white-label data service and also takes a cut from NFT sales launched by games on its platform.
  • In the future, Carv plans to expand beyond gaming and cover other user scenarios as the technology matures.



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Round: Strategic
Date: December, 2023

Funding round investors:

Round: Early-stage
Amount raised: $4,000,000
Date: November, 2022