Arkon Energy

Arkon Energy

Arkon Energy is a company that specializes in creating renewable microgrids powered by solar energy for remote areas and businesses. They aim to provide reliable and sustainable electricity while fostering local economic growth and environmental conservation.

Here are some of the latest updates on Arkon Energy:

  1. Funding Round and Expansion Plans:
    Arkon Energy recently closed a $110 million private funding round to expand its operations. The funding round was led by Bluesky Capital Management and included participation from Kestrel 0x1 and Nural Capital. With this funding, Arkon Energy plans to acquire an additional 200-megawatt capacity across new data centers in Ohio, North Carolina, and Texas. This expansion is part of their goal to increase the company’s total megawatts by 130% by mid-2024.
  2. Focus on Bitcoin Mining and AI Cloud Services:
    Arkon Energy’s data center portfolio in the U.S. is largely occupied by institutional-grade bitcoin mining companies. They provide the underlying infrastructure assets for these bitcoin miners. Additionally, Arkon Energy aims to develop an artificial intelligence cloud service project at their data center in Norway. This project will cater to the growing demand for generative AI and large language model applications.
  3. Acquisition of Data Centers:
    Arkon Energy has been actively acquiring data centers to expand its infrastructure footprint. They started with a 5-megawatt facility in Australia and have since grown to over 130 megawatts, expanding into other countries and regions like the U.S. and Europe. They acquired a 30-megawatt facility in Norway that runs on hydropower. In addition, Arkon Energy completed the acquisition of an operating data center facility with up to 200MW of capacity located in Hannibal, Ohio. This acquisition marks Arkon’s first data center in North America and accelerates their global expansion.



Bluesky Capital Management
Linked Group Services
Nural Capital


Amount raised: $110,000,000
Date: December, 2023
Amount raised: $28,000,000
Date: November, 2022
Round: Pre-seed
Amount raised: $2,600,000
Date: February, 2022

Funding round investors: