Ammalgam is a DeFi protocol that combines lending and trading, offering a unique approach to yield generation and capital efficiency. By integrating various yield sources, Ammalgam aims to provide market makers with unlimited strategies and empower traders to short any asset in a permissionless manner. This protocol pushes the boundaries of what has been possible in DeFi before.

Key Features of Ammalgam DeFi Protocol:

  1. Composing Yield Sources: Ammalgam brings together different yield sources, allowing users to optimize their capital allocation and maximize their returns. By combining lending and trading, the protocol offers a comprehensive solution for yield generation.
  2. Improved Capital Efficiency: The integration of lending and trading in Ammalgam enhances capital efficiency. Traders can utilize their assets more effectively, enabling them to engage in a wider range of strategies and potentially increase their profitability.
  3. Permissionless Pairwise Lending: Ammalgam enables traders to engage in pairwise lending, which means they can lend and borrow assets directly from other users without relying on intermediaries. This permissionless lending feature provides traders with greater flexibility and opens up new opportunities for shorting assets.
  4. Shorting Capability: With Ammalgam, traders have the ability to short any asset. This means they can profit from the price decline of an asset by borrowing and selling it, with the intention of buying it back at a lower price in the future. This shorting capability expands the range of trading strategies available in DeFi.



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