Addressable is a web3 marketing startup that aims to help marketers gather data from social media accounts and wallets to create accurate audience profiles for targeted marketing campaigns. By analyzing various data points from crypto wallets and social media engagements, Addressable enables marketers to understand their audience’s interests and behaviors on the blockchain and social media platforms.

Key Features of Addressable:

  1. Web3 Growth Suite: Addressable offers a comprehensive suite of tools for data-driven marketing decision-making. It allows marketers to trace the audience’s journey from initial engagement, such as a Tweet or a Discord message, to on-chain interactions like NFT purchases, DEX swaps, or in-game transactions.
  2. Data Integration: Addressable has expanded its reach by attributing crypto wallet owners across 400,000 websites, including major digital platforms like Bloomberg, The New York Times, and Yahoo Finance. It has also integrated with ad networks such as Unity, Pubmatic, Magnite, and Twitter, enabling marketers to craft more nuanced and targeted paid ad campaigns across social networks, websites, and mobile applications.
  3. 1-Click SDK Installation: Addressable offers a streamlined integration process with Google Tag Manager, allowing easy tracking of website conversions, wallet connects, and blockchain conversions. The platform seamlessly integrates with various analytics tools like Twitter Pixel, DSP pixels, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics, providing refined tracking of conversion events.

Benefits of Addressable:

  1. Accurate Audience Profiling: By matching data from crypto wallets to social media accounts, Addressable helps marketers build more accurate audience profiles. This enables them to understand their audience’s interests, purchasing history, and engagement patterns, facilitating targeted marketing campaigns.
  2. Web3 Insights: Addressable provides marketers with valuable insights into Web3 technology adoption and its impact on various industries. As more businesses adopt Web3 infrastructure, the integration of Web3 data-driven insights becomes crucial for modern marketing strategies.
  3. Enhanced Marketing Strategies: Addressable’s Web3 Growth Suite and data integration capabilities empower marketers to create more effective marketing strategies. By leveraging blockchain data and insights, marketers can refine their targeting, optimize user acquisition, and improve conversion rates.



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Amount raised: $6,000,000
Date: December, 2023
Round: Seed
Amount raised: $7,500,000
Date: January, 2023