Flare Integrates with Subsquid to Offer Developers On Chain Data Access

Flare Integrates with Subsquid to Offer Developers On-Chain Data Access

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Blockchain network Flare today revealed an integration with decentralized data provider Subsquid. This allows developers building on Flare to access its on-chain historical data via Subsquid’s services.

Subsquid offers a full-stack indexing solution including an open-source SDK, custom data lakes, and hosted APIs to deliver blockchain data to decentralized app developers.

Tapping Subsquid’s Decentralized Data Lake

Through connecting with Flare, developers can now leverage Subsquid’s distributed data lake containing vast amounts of Flare’s historical chain activity.

This allows building Flare-based apps without needing to run resource-intensive archive nodes. Subsquid’s lake comprises 5,000+ projects and handles over 30 billion queries with the goal of becoming Web3’s largest decentralized data repository.

Customizable Data Pipelines Via Open-Source SDK

Subsquid’s open-source SDK enables creating tailored real-time data pipelines and APIs to access ecosystem information.

It also allows aggregating data from Flare’s own APIs. This flexibility helps developers build data-rich Flare dApps efficiently.

Shared Ethos of Open Source Access

Commenting on the integration, Flare CEO Hugo Philion noted appreciation for Subsquid’s commitment to open source data availability that aligns with Flare’s aims to provide developers the best tools.

Subsquid echoed the importance of permissionless on-chain data retrieval for innovation and expressed excitement for future collaborative initiatives that engage the Flare builder community.

By interconnecting Flare and Subsquid’s powerful blockchain data infrastructure, the integration promises to enrich the burgeoning ecosystem of decentralized applications.

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