Fidelity registers trademarks relating to NFT and the metaverse

Fidelity registers trademarks relating to NFT and the metaverse

On December 21, 2022, the investment giant Fidelity submitted three trademark applications to the USPTO in connection with NFT and the Metaverse.

Fidelity plans to provide mutual funds, retirement funds, financial planning, securities brokerage services, financial analysis, investment services, insurance brokerage services, and real estate investment services to the metaverse, according to the documents.

Fidelity also plans to provide e-wallet services, which include digital token, crypto token, and utility token trading services, as well as electronic storage and processing of virtual money for use in electronic payments and transactions via a worldwide computer network.

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Fidelity aims to hold conferences, workshops, seminars, and lessons on investing and financial services marketing in the metaverse.

The payments giant seeks to provide referral services in the area of company promotion in the metaverse, as well as business information to financial service providers through an online platform.

An online marketplace for buyers and sellers of digital material, namely NFTs with textual and graphical content in the metaverse and other virtual worlds, may soon be launched by Fidelity.

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