FEWOCiOUS to Release 'FeWoS' NFT Collection with 20,000 Unique Characters

FEWOCiOUS to Release ‘FeWoS’ NFT Collection with 20,000 Unique Characters

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FEWOCiOUS, a renowned NFT artist, is all set to present his new undertaking in the bright ‘FeWoWorld’ universe. The much-awaited ‘FeWoS’ NFT assortment, which features 20,000 unique characters from three distinct species: Frankenstein, Misunderstood, and Humanoid, will be launched from August 21-25.

The specialties of every FeWoS NFT are said to be “embedded in their DNA,” with each one having its own unique artistic traits. These digital assets are hand-drawn by the teenage art legend and transformed into stunning 3D elements using advanced technology.


fewos canvas

As per the official website, “These creatures were born from the mind of FEWOCiOUS, with every trait hand-drawn and then converted into beautiful 3D art, from squiggly eyes to linework bones, and everything in between.”

What makes these NFTs even more enticing is their use of an ERC-6551 “backpack” that allows the token to change into a versatile crypto wallet. In addition, by redeeming flowers that give mint passes, FeWoS collectors can enjoy FewoFashion digital wearables and accessories once they are minted. This innovative approach re-examines the use of digital assets while also revolutionizing the current standards for NFTs.

FEWOCiOUS’s upcoming collectible release has generated enormous anticipation, building on the artist’s impressive track record. His ‘Paint Drop’ NFT collection made headlines when it reached $20 million in sales within 24 hours of its launch, demonstrating his dedication to FEWOCiOUS collectors. A pre-sale will be held exclusively for Paint Drop holders and other FEWOCiOUS digital art token holders before the public sale.

The NFT community eagerly awaits this new chapter in FEWOCiOUS’s artistic journey, driven by his past successes and innovative vision. Stay tuned for the launch of ‘FeWoS’ NFTs as enthusiasts delve into the fascinating FeWoWorld universe.

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