Future Sustainability Forum 2023

The DIFC Future Sustainability Forum is a platform for global leaders and innovators to share their visions and actions towards increasing the availability and accessibility of climate finance to accelerate climate action and achieve the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement. It will support the DIFC community in embedding ESG and enabling the transformation needed to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

The inaugural Future Sustainability Forum is a significant event taking place in Dubai on October 4-5, 2023. It is part of the UAE’s Year of Sustainability and is aligned with the goals of COP28, focusing on fast-tracking the transition to sustainability, addressing climate finance, emphasizing adaptation to protect lives and livelihoods, and ensuring inclusivity.

The forum aims to gather global decision-makers and influencers from the finance industry to discuss how the sector can take a leading role in tackling climate change, promoting a just transition to a sustainable economy, and advancing the objectives of the Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is organizing this event, further demonstrating its commitment to driving sustainable finance and innovative solutions. The event will bring together leaders from various sectors, including finance, technology, and policy-making, to channel investment flows and accelerate climate action. The forum is also in line with DIFC’s role in the Dubai Sustainable Finance Working Group (DSFWG) and its 2030 Strategy to shape the future of finance.

The UAE and Dubai governments have been actively engaged in comprehensive sustainability programs, with a focus on renewable energy adoption, water conservation, waste management, and sustainable urban development. The Future Sustainability Forum will highlight these practices, especially in the financial ecosystem, inviting global experts to collaborate and share insights to expedite the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient future.

The forum’s agenda will include discussions on embedding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices within organizations, empowering companies to achieve net-zero emissions, fostering ESG-driven innovation, supporting sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems, and transforming capital to drive the low-carbon transition.

The event aligns with DIFC’s commitment to driving the future of finance through technology, innovation, and partnerships. It also supports Dubai’s position as a global leader in green and sustainable finance.

For those interested in attending, registration information is available on the Future Sustainability Forum’s official website: