Eternl Preparing for Major Release with Enhanced Features

Eternl Preparing for Major Release with Enhanced Features

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In the world of cryptocurrency wallets, Eternl has been making waves as a multi-platform Cardano light wallet accessible both on the web and mobile. Exciting news has recently surfaced that the Eternl team is gearing up for a significant release – the much-anticipated Eternl v1.11.0. This upcoming version promises a plethora of enhancements and new features that are sure to delight its growing user base.

We’re getting closer to the release of Eternl v1.11.0.It’s a complete overhaul of Eternl’s core.Smaller memory footprint, way faster syncing, smaller database, packed with new features!You can help us test it by heading over to: Any feedback is…

Eternl (@eternlwallet) July 21, 2023

One of the highlights of the upcoming Eternl v1.11.0 is its reduced memory footprint, making the wallet more efficient and snappy to use. Users can expect much quicker synchronization, ensuring a smoother and seamless experience when managing their Cardano assets. Additionally, the team has worked hard to optimize the database, resulting in a more compact and streamlined storage system.

With the release just around the corner, the team is encouraging users to participate in testing the new version. By visiting the provided link, users can provide valuable feedback, helping the developers refine and polish the final product before its official launch. The Eternl team highly values community input, and this collaborative effort ensures that the wallet meets the needs and expectations of its dedicated users.

The excitement doesn’t stop there – the Eternl team has even bigger plans in store. According to their claims, this upgrade serves as a foundation for the future release of Eternl v2. The forthcoming v2 version will combine the revamped core with the existing user interface, creating a seamless transition for users to adapt to the new data structure and handling.

In the last update, Eternl introduced in-wallet swapping for exchanging Cardano native tokens, a feature that was warmly received by the community. With v1.10.0’s introduction of small token icons having their own local cache, the user experience has become even more convenient and user-friendly.

Highly Anticipated Mainnet Launch

As the Cardano [ADA] Mithril mainnet launch date draws near, the excitement within the community is palpable. The anticipation stems from the numerous improvements and additions that are expected to accompany this significant event. A blog post released by Input Output Global delves into the significance of the impending upgrade, shedding light on what’s in store for Cardano enthusiasts.

The tweet from Input Output Global hinted at an approaching launch date for Mithril, which aims to enhance node synchronization speed and efficiency. Additionally, it introduces a stake-based signature scheme, further bolstering the security and reliability of the network.

Mithril’s journey began with the release of its proof of concept to the public in August 2022. The team continued to refine and develop the protocol, leading to its official presentation in December of the same year. Mithril promises to drastically improve node synchronization time, enhance security measures, and empower decentralized decision-making processes.

The impending mainnet launch is a momentous occasion for the Cardano community, as it marks a major step forward in the platform’s evolution. With both Eternl and Cardano continuously innovating and improving, users can look forward to an enhanced and user-centric experience in the world of digital assets.

As the release dates draw nearer, enthusiasts eagerly await the final products’ debut, eager to explore the plethora of new features and enhancements promised by both Eternl and Cardano’s Mithril. The blockchain and cryptocurrency space remain a hub of excitement and innovation, and these upcoming releases are further proof of the industry’s unstoppable progress. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting developments!

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