Crypto Investment Surges: Europe Leads with Record $78m Inflows

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, a seismic wave of investment has recently rippled across the globe, notably in the heart of Europe. According to the latest report from CoinShares, a prominent European crypto company, the past week witnessed an unprecedented surge in digital asset investments, reaching the pinnacle of this year’s financial landscape.

For the second consecutive week, crypto investment products experienced an astounding $78 million influx, marking a significant milestone. CoinShares meticulously recorded a remarkable 37% surge in crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs) volumes, reaching an impressive $1.1 billion. This surge was further echoed by a 16% spike in bitcoin trade volumes on legitimate exchanges, indicating a robust market appetite.

A standout performer in this crypto extravaganza is Solana, currently positioned as the eighth-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Solana witnessed its highest weekly inflows since spring, a testament to its growing popularity among investors. Over the last 30 days, Solana has surged by approximately 14%, capturing the attention of discerning investors. However, it’s essential to note the crypto’s year-long journey, which reflects a 32% decrease.

While some crypto investment products basked in the limelight, others faced a lukewarm reception. Notably, the United States Ethereum futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs) barely garnered $10 million during their inaugural week of trading, which commenced on October 2. This relatively subdued response suggests a nuanced demand landscape for specific crypto assets.


Interestingly, the lion’s share of these investments originated from Europe, contributing to a staggering 90% of all inflows. In contrast, only $9 million found its way into the United States and Canada combined. Germany and Switzerland emerged as the torchbearers of this crypto surge, with contributions amounting to $37.3 million and $31.3 million, respectively. Astonishingly, these two countries accounted for 88% of all crypto asset product inflows recorded in the past week.

Moreover, CoinShares is strategically expanding its horizons to the United States, recognizing its pivotal role in digital asset development and regulation. With plans to introduce the first CoinShares offering in September 2023, this move signifies a proactive step toward global market leadership.

As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, Europe stands at the forefront of this financial revolution, shaping the future of digital investments. Stay tuned as the crypto saga unfolds, promising more exciting developments in the ever-changing world of digital assets.