Conflux Network and World Mobile Collaborate to Bridge Global Blockchain Connectivity

Conflux Network and World Mobile Collaborate to Bridge Global Blockchain Connectivity

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Conflux Network and World Mobile Unite to Expand Blockchain Connectivity

Conflux Network, China’s leading regulatory-compliant public blockchain, has joined forces with World Mobile, the world’s only blockchain-based global mobile network, in a groundbreaking partnership. With the successful introduction of Conflux’s BSIM card earlier this year, the collaboration between these two entities is set to embark on an exciting journey in four key areas.

1) Public Bridging: Connecting Cardano and Conflux Ecosystems

A significant focus of the partnership is to create a bridge for World Mobile Token (WMT) outside the Cardano ecosystem. WMT will serve as the first bridge linking the Cardano blockchain to the Conflux blockchain ecosystem. This seamless connection aims to enhance interoperability and open up new possibilities for blockchain users.

2) Tech Integration: Empowering EarthNode Capabilities

To strengthen the Conflux network’s EarthNode capabilities and streamline monetary settlement processes, Conflux and World Mobile will collaboratively integrate with World Mobile’s sidechain, AyA. This technical integration will pave the way for more efficient and secure blockchain operations.

3) Expanding Markets in Africa and Asia

Both Conflux and World Mobile have strong market presence in different regions. Leveraging their individual strengths, the two companies plan to boost connectivity and drive user growth in crucial areas, particularly Africa and Asia. Notably, Conflux’s native token, CFX, has gained significant popularity in Nigeria, which accounts for a substantial portion of crypto interest in Africa. On the other hand, World Mobile has successfully conducted field testing of its hybrid dynamic network in Nigeria after a prosperous commercial launch in Zanzibar.

4) Developing Blockchain-Based SIM Cards

World Mobile and Conflux have ambitious plans to harness the potential of blockchain-based SIM cards, expanding global access to digital connectivity. Working together, they will explore innovative ways to leverage Conflux’s blockchain technology in the mobile network, making connectivity more accessible to users worldwide.

YuanJie Zhang, Co-Founder of Conflux, expressed the significance of the partnership and their mission to promote Web3 adoption globally. The collaboration with World Mobile marks another critical milestone for Conflux, following their successful partnership with China Telecom. The aim is to extend affordable and applicable blockchain technology beyond Asia, reaching a global audience.

Zachary Vann, Head of Token at World Mobile, shared his excitement about building a more connected and inclusive future through this partnership. The alliance with Conflux accelerates World Mobile’s market expansion in Asia while extending connectivity to a global scale. The unique regulatory-compliant blockchain of Conflux and the pioneering blockchain-based SIM cards bring forth countless opportunities for World Mobile’s mobile network and AyA chain. This collaboration represents a significant step in expanding their network and sharing economy into Asian markets and beyond.

With this strategic collaboration between Conflux Network and World Mobile, the world is set to witness greater connectivity, blockchain integration, and an inclusive future for digital communication and financial systems. The partnership exemplifies the growing synergy between blockchain technologies and the mobile industry, driving global adoption of decentralized solutions.

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