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CoinsPaid Thwarts Lazarus Group's USD 37.3M Hack Attempt, Ensures Customer Funds' Safety

CoinsPaid Thwarts Lazarus Group’s USD 37.3M Hack Attempt, Ensures Customer Funds’ Safety

In a stunning display of resilience and cybersecurity prowess, CoinsPaid successfully thwarted the notorious Lazarus Group’s attempt to steal a jaw-dropping $37.3 million in a daring hacker attack on July 22nd. Renowned for targeting high-profile companies like Sony, Axie Infinity, Horizon Bridge, Atomic Wallet, and Alphapo, Lazarus Group found their nefarious plans foiled by the vigilant team of experts at CoinsPaid.

CoinsPaid is back to processing after being hit by a hacker attack. Сlient’s funds were not affected and are fully available.

More details in our blog: https://t.co/XukI4ZTTLw pic.twitter.com/XjkKjjsluE

— CoinsPaid (@coinspaid) July 26, 2023

Unwavering Commitment to Customer Safety

Despite facing partial downtime and a potential revenue impact, CoinsPaid demonstrated unwavering commitment to its customers’ safety. Safeguarding client funds remained the company’s top priority throughout the attack. CoinsPaid’s dedicated team worked tirelessly to fortify their systems and minimize the damage, ensuring that customer funds were fully available and unscathed.

Rapid Response and Blockchain Analytics

CoinsPaid’s prompt response to the attack was instrumental in mitigating the impact. The company launched a swift investigation, leveraging various blockchain analytics tools to trace and mark the stolen funds. The effort received immense support from the crypto community, with key players like Crystal, Chainalysis, Match Systems, Valkyrieinvest, Staked.us, OKCoinJapan, Binance, and others lending their expertise to aid in the recovery process.

CoinsPaid’s Resilience and CEO’s Commitment

Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid, exemplified the company’s determination to recover and continue providing innovative payment solutions despite the setback. On July 25th, CoinsPaid officially reported the incident to the Estonian law enforcement agency and pledged full cooperation throughout the investigation. The decisive actions taken by CoinsPaid underscored its dedication to customer protection and cybersecurity.

A Unified Front Against Cyber Threats

Looking beyond the immediate aftermath of the attack, CoinsPaid plans to take proactive measures to minimize and prevent future threats. The company aims to organize a round table with other Lazarus Group victims, initiating a collaborative effort to strengthen cybersecurity measures across the industry. Key exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Bitfinex, and OKX are invited to participate in this essential endeavor.

Industry-Wide Resilience and Preparedness

CoinsPaid’s ability to fend off a cybercriminal organization as notorious as Lazarus Group serves as a testament to the importance of robust cybersecurity measures within the crypto space. With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, industry players must remain vigilant and proactive in their approach to safeguarding customer assets.

A Turning Point for Cryptocurrency Security

The incident involving CoinsPaid and Lazarus Group underscores the need for continuous improvement in security protocols and collaborative efforts among industry stakeholders. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain mainstream acceptance, bolstering cybersecurity defenses is paramount to maintain investor trust and confidence.


CoinsPaid’s successful defense against Lazarus Group’s hacker attack showcases the resilience and commitment of the crypto industry to safeguarding customer funds and fostering a secure ecosystem. The incident serves as a call to action for exchanges and companies across the crypto space to strengthen their cybersecurity measures and collaborate in fortifying the industry against future threats. As CoinsPaid sets an example for industry-wide preparedness, the focus on cybersecurity remains a crucial aspect of the cryptocurrency world’s growth and development.


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