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Coinbase's Base Layer 2 Network Surges in Popularity, Attracting Thousands of Daily Users

Coinbase’s Base Layer-2 Network Surges in Popularity, Attracting Thousands of Daily Users

In a significant development for the Ethereum ecosystem, Coinbase’s novel Layer-2 network, Base, was introduced on August 9th. Since its launch, Base has experienced a remarkable surge, with an impressive 136,000 daily users and a total contribution of approximately $170 million to network activities, as reported by Dune Analytics. This rapid rise in adoption and engagement signifies a promising trajectory for Base within the Ethereum landscape.

Impressive Growth and Activity

Coinbase’s Base has quickly garnered attention and usage, positioning itself as a strong contender among Layer-2 solutions. Notably, the network has processed an impressive number of transactions, with nearly 580,000 taking place on August 10th alone. This remarkable level of activity propels Base into the upper echelons of networks by fund movement, securing its spot alongside prominent counterparts such as Arbitrum One and Optimism Mainnet.

Driving Factors and Diverse Usage

A driving force behind the surge in Base’s popularity is its utilization for various activities, ranging from trading meme coins to embracing innovative applications like Friend.tech. The allure of meme coins, inspired by internet humor, captured attention even before Base’s launch, creating a vibrant ecosystem where users could engage with these assets using Base’s innovative tools.

Despite encountering certain challenges, Base’s popularity perseveres. Meme coin trading remains active, and the Friend.tech app, akin to a platform like Twitter, facilitates the trading of “shares” of other users. This dynamic interaction fosters an engaging environment where users can connect and exchange ideas.

Diverse Engagement and Thriving DeFi Activities

While meme coin trading faced hurdles, Base continues to thrive with diverse engagement. Users are actively participating in decentralized exchanges and exploring decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Impressively, the total value locked in DeFi apps on Base has surged to a substantial $74.56 million.

Trading Volumes and Prominent Pairs

Overnight trading volumes on Base have surged to an impressive $186 million since its recent launch. Notable trading pairs contributing to this volume include Unibase (UNIBASE), Punk (PUNK), and BaseShib (BASESHIB), underscoring the network’s role as a thriving hub for crypto trading activities.

A Promising Future for Base

The rapid rise of Base’s user engagement and adoption highlights its potential as a formidable Ethereum Layer-2 network. Activities such as meme coin trading and the adoption of innovative platforms like Friend.tech are instrumental in propelling Base’s popularity forward. As it continues to establish its presence within the Ethereum ecosystem, the outlook for Coinbase’s Base remains optimistic and poised for further growth.


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