BLUR Released Most Anticipated Airdrop for BLUR Tokens 2

BLUR Released Most Anticipated Airdrop for $BLUR Tokens

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Blur, a recently established platform for trading NFTs, has now announced that it would be rewarding Ethereum NFT traders with an airdrop of its $BLUR tokens. On February 14, users will be able to unlock the Care Packages that have been issued to them in order to retrieve the tokens that have been allocated to them. The duration of time that the airdrop is available for participation is sixty days.

The introduction of Blur took place in October of the previous year, with the promise of token prizes for the platform’s users. The massive NFT marketplace on Ethereum known as Opensea is one that Blur aspires to compete with. By releasing 360 million BLUR tokens into circulation, the marketplace is taking the first step toward decentralization. This is because the tokens will give the community the capacity to govern itself.

According to the information that can be seen on the website, the tokens will be allocated as follows: 51% will go to the community, 1.2% will go to investors, 18.8% will go to contributors, and 29% will go to advisors.


Blur has chosen to split the token allocation into three separate waves so that they can accommodate a wider variety of users and merchants.

During the first phase of the Airdrop, the token allocation will be made available to Ethereum NFT traders that meet the requirements. Before Blur was introduced, the trader needed to have a history of trading for at least six months in one of the other markets.

Those who reported their NFTs during the month of November are eligible for the Airdrop 2 reward. Traders that use Blur to place bids on NFTs will be taken into consideration for Airdrop 3 and the final wave.

It is pretty remarkable that almost all of the $BLUR tokens have been claimed as of the time this article was written. This demonstrates the potential for the market to provide Opeansea with a challenging level of competition.

Nonetheless, the users have experienced a significant delay in the airdrop of $BLUR tokens. Initially, the airdrop was supposed to begin in January, but after that, the launch date was changed and it was put off until later.

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