Blocklete Golf Game is Migrated by Warner Bros. to Immutable X 1

Blocklete Golf Game is Migrated by Warner Bros. to Immutable X

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Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, a firm located in the United States, is in the process of moving the web3 mobile game Blocklete Golf from the Flow blockchain to Immutable X, which is a layer-2 solution built on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to a Venture Beat report, Blocklete is moving to Immutable X for “fast transactions and gas-free NFTs minting backed by Ethereum’s robust security and decentralization.”


Blocklete Golf is a typical interactive golf management game in which users guide golfing avatars over virtual links in PvP battles and competitions. 

Blocklete Golf created by Warner Bros. Discovery Sports seeks to differentiate itself by allowing players to gather, train, and trade unique NFT-based virtual golfers.

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of global business development at Immutable, stated: “We are honored to be a partner and provider of the blockchain infrastructure for an innovator in the sports media landscape like Warner Bros. Discovery and Turner Sports.”

Sorokovsky added, “Their dedication to pushing the envelope and early adoption of web3 proves that decentralized solutions are on the fast track to mass adoption — offering millions of people new and exciting ways to interact with entertainment mediums while retaining full control over their digital assets.”

Immutable has supplied the backbone technology for our newest Web3 services, and transferring Blocklete Golf to their inclusive and efficient decentralized architecture was an obvious decision for us, as remarked by Yang Adija, Senior Vice President of Digital Operations and Innovation for WBD Sports.

Warner Bros. Discovery Sports is the umbrella brand for all of the sports-related businesses, networks, and platforms that Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) owns and operates. In March 2022, Cartamundi and Warner Bros. introduced DC-based Hybrid NFT cards on the Immutale X platform. This was the most recent occasion that Warner Bros. cooperated with Immutale X.

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