Blind Pak and Snoop Dogg Talks at Non-Fungible Conference

Blind Pak and Snoop Dogg Talks at Non-Fungible Conference

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The Non-Fungible Conference (NFC) is scheduled to get off with a bang in the dynamic city of Lisbon, Portugal in June of 2023. This time, NFC is presenting “BLIND TALKS,” a 360-degree art experience with NFT icons that includes Snoop Dogg, also known in the world of NFT as Cozomo de’ Medici, and Pak, one of the most well-known NFT artists.

The two-day NFT event, which will take place on June 7-8, 2023, will consist of various activities, such as presentations, seminars, workshops, and parties, all of which will bring together members of the worldwide NFT community, including artists, projects, platforms, collectors, and investors.

Blind Talks at the NFC is a spectacular digital experience that was built particularly for the artwork and speakers at the NFT. It fuses several aspects for a new style of event storytelling.

NFC states “Blind Talks are a unique immersive journey. 50% of an intimate session led by undoxxed speakers who share their collections, creative mindsets and art in a 360° digital room. 50% of live Q&A interactions with the speaker.” 


7 Legendary Blind Talk Speakers for NFC 2023:

  • From Renaissance to Neo-Renaissance by Cozomo de’ Medici
  • Alotta Money, our blood brother by Basileus
  • What you need to know about Web 3 communities  by WhaleShark
  • Blind by Pak
  • The Story of the Queens and Kings by Hackatao
  • Be possessed! History of my creation by Mr.Misang
  • The Behind of the Sistine Chapel by Pascal Boyart

Every speaker in the Blind Talks section chooses a key subject for the Blind Talks portion that they are enthusiastic about discussing with the NFT community that they are passionate about sharing.

NFC designed a totally immersive digital environment to bring each Blind Talk to life, so that users could have a truly authentic experience. Half of each Blind Talk is pre-recorded six months in advance utilizing high-quality production and a creative approach, very similar to how a movie is put together.

At Blind Talks, which takes place in a venue that is 700 square meters in size and has 360-degree visual effects, NFC guests may anticipate to feel the proximity, emotion, and excitement of a live theatrical performance.

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