Bitfinex Introduced P2P Crypto Trading in Latin America

Bitfinex Introduced P2P Crypto Trading in Latin America

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Bitfinex, the world’s leading trading platform for digital assets, has announced the launch of a new platform known as “Bitfinex P2P” in a bold move designed to increase financial freedom and inclusion in Latin America. Customers in Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia are going to be the focus of this groundbreaking new peer-to-peer (P2P) platform’s marketing efforts.

Bitfinex P2P gives users the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Tether tokens (USDt and EURt), Tether Gold (XAUt), and Ether (ETH) directly with one another. Customers communicate with one another directly to complete transactions, bypassing the Bitfinex platform entirely. In addition, customers have the ability to trade one digital token for another within the marketplace itself.


Paolo Ardoino, who serves as the CTO of Bitfinex, shared his excitement regarding the launch of Bitfinex P2P in these three Latin American nations.

CTO of Bitfinex - Paolo Ardoino
CTO of Bitfinex – Paolo Ardoino

Ardoino highlighted the company’s mission to empower customers and democratize access to innovative financial technologies all over the world, while emphasizing Bitfinex’s commitment to providing a platform for P2P token trading that is dependable and effective.

The process of trading on Bitfinex P2P takes place over two stages. First, a customer will create what is called a “Ad,” in which they will indicate their desire to trade one of the supported tokens for either fiat currency or another supported token.

This person, who is known as the “Maker,” is the one who makes the advertisement visible to the general public on the “Ad Board.” After that, other customers, who are referred to as “Takers,” have the option of taking part in a trade based on the terms that were established by the Maker.

A public profile view is included in Bitfinex P2P to provide customers with the peace of mind they need while conducting transactions. This view presents potential counterparties’ information along with transaction statistics. Bitfinex intends to launch a mobile version of the P2P platform later on in this year, in addition to other features that are designed to improve the overall user experience.

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