B2C2 expansion plans in Europe through the acquisition of Woorton

B2C2 expansion plans in Europe through the acquisition of Woorton.

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Crypto liquidity provider B2C2 has completed the acquisition of Woorton, a market leader in digital asset market-making and OTC transactions in Europe. This move is aimed at expanding B2C2’s client base and service offerings, particularly in light of impending regulatory changes such as the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations.

B2C2 boosts European presence with Woorton acquisition
B2C2 boosts European presence with Woorton acquisition

B2C2’s Acquisition of Woorton Marks a Milestone

On August 24, 2023, B2C2, a prominent crypto liquidity provider catering to institutional clients on a global scale, announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Woorton. As a significant player in the European market, Woorton specializes in market-making activities and over-the-counter transactions within the digital asset industry.

Strategic Move for Enhanced Client Services

Nicola White, CEO of B2C2, emphasized the importance of this acquisition as a milestone in B2C2’s journey of growth and evolution. The strategic move is indicative of B2C2’s commitment to expanding its client base and service offerings, particularly in the wake of forthcoming regulatory changes, including the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulations.

Gaining Momentum in the European Market

Woorton, founded in 2017, boasts a robust client base comprising approximately 250 clients engaged in trading 96 different coins. Its specialization in providing round-the-clock liquidity adds a layer of depth to B2C2’s operations. This acquisition strategically positions B2C2 to extend its reach and influence in key regions, including the United Kingdom, Asia-Pacific, and the United States.

Accessing Woorton’s Valuable Assets

Through the acquisition, B2C2 also gains access to Woorton’s PSAN (digital asset service providers) License, overseen by the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority). This regulatory license empowers B2C2 to execute operations within the European Union, enabling the company to navigate the regulatory landscape with greater confidence and compliance.


Collaborative Synergy and Complementary Strengths

Thomas Restout, Head of EMEA at B2C2, highlighted the alignment between B2C2 and Woorton. Both entities share a background in traditional finance (TradFi) while maintaining an unwavering focus on the crypto and digital asset realms. This convergence of expertise and vision positions B2C2 and Woorton as highly complementary businesses, delivering comprehensive multi-asset solutions to clients in the EU market.

In conclusion, B2C2’s acquisition of Woorton underscores its commitment to strategic growth and operational expansion in the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets. By leveraging Woorton’s established market presence, regulatory license, and client relationships, B2C2 aims to solidify its foothold in the European market and navigate regulatory changes with a client-focused approach.

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