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Avalanche Records One Million Monthly Active Users

Avalanche Records One Million Monthly Active Users

Avalanche (AVAX), a well-known blockchain platform, has achieved a significant milestone of one million Monthly Active Users (MAU). This achievement comes just a week after launching its innovative cloud computing service, AvaCloud Platform. Interestingly, Ava Labs, Avalanche’s developer, attributes much of the recent success to the AvaCloud introduction.

The AvaCloud Platform is an infrastructure that facilitates creating and deploying “custom blockchains,” known as subnets, in addition to the Avalanche network. This advanced technology enables developers and users to build and launch their blockchain networks without requiring extensive coding knowledge.

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Revolutionizing Blockchain Development

The AvaCloud’s introduction of subnets, according to Emin Gun Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs, has completely revolutionized unique blockchain and distributed application creation processes. Several other companies, including the Korean conglomerate SK Group, gaming app Blitz, and AAA game maker Shrapnel, have pledged to build subnets using AvaCloud.

The increasing interest and use of Avalanche’s adaptable blockchain solutions across numerous sectors demonstrates the platform’s potential, as it can handle a high volume of transactions and interactions with more than one million monthly active users. The protocol has solidified itself as a significant blockchain platform.

Avalanche’s increasing popularity and number of users suggest a bright future for blockchain technology. As more developers and customers discover the benefits of Avalanche’s technology, the acceptance and utilization of the blockchain protocol and services are expected to expand.

The growing number of Avalanche partnerships and collaborations highlights the platform’s increasing popularity. Circle, the stablecoin responsible for USDC, recently announced that their Euro-backed stablecoin EUROC is now natively accessible on Avalanche.

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