A Third-Party Provider for MetaMask Has Been Hacked

A Third-Party Provider for MetaMask Has Been Hacked

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The cyber-security issue that exposed the email addresses of certain MetaMask users who sent a support ticket between August 1, 2021, and February 10, 2023 was impacted.

Unauthorized actors may have viewed customer support tickets sent by MetaMask users after gaining access to the system that handled customer assistance. These tickets requested personal data such as economic or financial information, name, surname, and date of birth. Hardware wallet provider Keystone alerted MetaMask users to the situation and advised them about phishing emails since the attacker might use this stolen email database to seek future victims.

Up to 7,000 MetaMask users who submitted customer support tickets may have been impacted by the hack, according to Consensys, who made it clear that it does not request information during client chats.

Consensys asserted that it upgraded its app in March and took steps to stop unauthorized access in the future. They notified the Data Protection Commission in Ireland and the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office. The company’s third-party customer service provider and the cyber-security and forensics team are working together to complete a thorough investigation.

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