Zipmex Faces Suspension and Regulatory Challenges in Thailand

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand has implemented a trading and asset deposit halt for Zipmex, effective from 25 November, 1pm local time. This decision aligns with local regulations to ensure compliance. The suspension instructs customers seeking fund or asset withdrawals during this period to directly contact the exchange.

Zipmex’s suspension is amidst a backdrop of challenges, including payment delays, liquidity issues, and ongoing SEC investigations. The regulatory body filed a report in September 2022, alleging noncompliance with local laws. This included operating outside digital asset business regulations and advocating Singapore-based services without SEC permission.

Although suspended, customers can withdraw Thai baht and digital assets until 3 January 2024, through the website and mobile app. However, withdrawal for ‘Trade Only’ digital assets requires direct contact with Customer Support.

Zipmex previously faced delays in customer payments in April 2022, citing the intent to optimise returns. Additionally, it sought extensions to defer debt payments in Singapore due to liquidity concerns. The SEC initiated investigations for violations, demanding admissions regarding unauthorised operations.

The SEC’s persistent scrutiny revealed Zipmex’s failure to furnish required information on digital wallets and crypto transactions, breaching the country’s Digital Assets Act. This ongoing investigation led to the recent suspension.

Considering the uncertainties surrounding Zipmex, investors might consider diversifying their portfolios across multiple crypto exchanges. Spreading risk can mitigate the impact of disruptions in any single platform.

Zipmex’s suspension contrasts with the Thai SEC’s approval of four crypto firms. Simultaneously, Gulf Binance, a joint venture between Gulf Innova and Binance, is gearing to commence digital asset operations in Thailand. This intensifies competition among ten crypto exchanges, including Zipmex.

Therefore, staying informed about ongoing regulatory developments in the crypto sector is crucial. Observing how the SEC’s investigations unfold and the broader regulatory environment evolves will provide valuable insights for informed decision-making in the crypto market.

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