World First NFT-Themed Inflatable Park in Singapore

A Digital Wonderland Meets Reality

The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) takes a tangible leap into reality with the much-anticipated Prime Planet Inflatable Park, presented by Trip.com. Running from 8th December 2023 to 1st January 2024, this immersive event promises a unique amalgamation of physical and digital experiences.

Prime Planet Inflatable Park Unveiled

Prime Planet Inflatable Park is a pioneering venture that converges NFT technology with physical entertainment. Visitors are treated to a remarkable blend of 3D NFT projects, with five distinct collections showcased through extravagant inflatables.


Prime Ape Planet NFT Collection

Exploring the Prime Carnival

At the heart of the event lies the buzzing Prime Carnival, a hub of excitement housing specially designed Prime Planet digital games and carnival rides. Guests can partake in engaging activities and even win NFT-inspired plushies, fostering an engaging interaction with NFTs beyond the digital realm.

The Prime Planet Experience

The curated Prime Planet Shop offers exclusive merchandise for enthusiasts to take home a piece of this groundbreaking experience. Moreover, an extensive digital NFT exhibition provides a deeper dive into the world of NFTs, bridging the gap between physical and digital realms.

Trip.com’s Integration

Kelvin Ong, Senior Manager of Business Development at Trip.com Group, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration. He highlighted the incorporation of Trip.com’s “Trekki” NFT collection, connecting the Web3 universe with travel experiences, a testament to Trip.com’s dedication to pioneering fresh user experiences.

“We’ve also developed a digital NFT game, which is derived from the previously popular game Flappy Bird, called Flappy Dragon. The gameplay is quite similar, but the setting and design have been changed to incorporate our own NFT.”


Trekki NFT Collection

A Fusion of Digital and Physical Realms

World First NFT Themed Inflatable Park in Singapore

Monsters of the Sea, Dessert Paradise, Perilous Dungeon (from left to right)

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Digital GameVerse, Trip Around The World, Glacier Subterrane (from left to right)

From 8th December 2023, a sprawling open-air car park near Leisure Park Kallang transforms into a 5,000 sqm inflatable playground. Enthusiasts, young and old, can revel in 15 giant inflatables inspired by Prime Planet NFTverse and Trekki collections, experiencing an immersive fusion of digital creativity and physical joy.


Unadulterated Fun for All

The park ensures uninterrupted fun with full shelter coverage, allowing visitors to bounce, slide, and immerse themselves in various NFT-inspired attractions regardless of weather conditions.

The Prime Carnival Extravaganza

From 19th December 2023, the adjacent Leisure Park Kallang hosts the Prime Carnival. Patrons can enjoy classic games and digital experiences, with opportunities to win exclusive NFT-inspired plushies, amplifying the carnival atmosphere.


Ticketing Information

Tickets, priced from $25 to $98, are available on Trip.com, offering access to this groundbreaking NFT experience. Notably, holders of select NFT collections gain complimentary access, enhancing the inclusivity of this pioneering event. NFT collections include BAYC, MAYC, Azuki, The Captainz and Pudgy Penguins.

Bridging Realities Through NFTs

The Prime Planet Inflatable Park marks a significant stride in blending the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. It introduces NFTs to a wider audience in a creative, engaging, and tangible manner, setting a precedent for innovative NFT experiences.

This immersive NFT-based event by Trip.com heralds an era where NFTs transcend digital realms, shaping novel, interactive experiences for enthusiasts. The convergence of NFT technology with physical entertainment promises a new paradigm in how we engage with digital assets.

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