Why is Avalanche Snowtrace Deactivating?

Avalanche’s blockchain explorer, Snowtrace, is set to deactivate on November 30.

Users are advised to download private name tags and contract verifications before the shutdown.

In response to this, Phillip Liu Jr, a founding team member of Avalanche Labs, has hinted at an upcoming development – “something better”, he says.

This isn’t the first time Avalanche has closed down an explorer in pursuit of an improved version.

In November 2021, the legacy Avalanche C-Chain Explorer was replaced by Snowtrace.

Today the same link redirects to the Snowtrace explorer.

Snowtrace, developed and operated by the Etherscan team, is an Avalanche C-Chain block explorer.

It became part of Avalanche’s infrastructure in 2021, designed as an implementation of Etherscan tailored for the Avalanche blockchain.

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