Why Does Lyn Alden Support Keeping Satoshi Nakamoto Anonymous?

In a sequence of social media posts, Lyn Alden has shed light on the enigmatic identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Alden is clear that Nakamoto’s anonymity is a crucial element that strengthens Bitcoin’s foundational principles.

“Bitcoin was built as an open source decentralised project to survive regardless of who the creator was,” Alden revealed.

The central idea of Bitcoin doesn’t hinge on the known identity of its creator, Nakamoto.

Alden argues that this anonymity lends more credibility to Bitcoin.

“The departure and the absence of the creator only made it more decentralised since it removed any sort of ultimate authority, and it iterated from there,” Alden says.

Alden applauds Nakamoto for bringing the Bitcoin white paper into the world and keeping it stable with updates for the first two years.

There’s an absence of a puppet master pulling the strings, and according to Alden, that’s a good thing.

“Even if Satoshi is the The National Security Agency, people should have evidenced it by now. A man can be killed, embarrassed, or shown to be weak. An idea lives on and becomes a legend or a god. It’s his material that matters,” she notes.

“People often say Bitcoin is a religion, negatively. But really, parts of it are a religion, or at least a movement. If it gets just 27 million adherents, it’s arguably specific religion #6,” Alden elucidates.

Despite chatter linking Nakamoto with the U.S. National Security Agency, Alden is sceptical.

After all, if your grandma’s secret pie recipe remained undisclosed for years, would you suddenly think the CIA must be involved? Probably not.

Other figures have been speculated to be Nakamoto, even Elon Musk, but for Alden, it’s the idea, not the individual, that counts.

Following Grayscale’s legal win over the SEC, momentum for Bitcoin ETFs has surged, with industry heavyweights like JPMorgan, Bloomberg Intelligence, Cathie Woods, and Mike Novogratz all signaling increased regulatory receptivity.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler confirmed that multiple ETF proposals are under review.

In a pivotal development, Bloomberg’s Senior ETF Analyst Eric Balchunas highlighted that BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust has been listed on the DTCC’s website with the ticker iBTC, a key milestone indicating potential government approval.

While this doesn’t guarantee a green light from U.S. regulators, it’s a strong sign that BlackRock is bullish about its ETF’s prospects.

Image: Coinbase UTC+8 5:30pm

Financial data suggests Nakamoto owns at least 1.1 million Bitcoin.

Alden does not consider this or the rampant speculations around Nakamoto’s identity to be of real import.

Lyn Alden’s stance: Let the mystery be, for it only adds to Bitcoin’s strength and allure.

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