What is proof of train?



The proof of train consensus protocol combines the proper choices of every proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS) with a function to enhance the security of Bitcoin and totally different cryptocurrencies. 

Created in 2014, the protocol begins by instructing the strategy of mining very like proof of work, with miners competing to be the first to unravel a mathematical puzzle and declare a reward. However not like proof of work, the blocks being mined do not comprise transactions. Those are instead recorded throughout the block after it is added to the chain.

Once the block is mined, the system switches to a proof of stake protocol, deciding on a bunch of validators (people in value of verifying transactions) at random to sign the block. The greater the stake of the coin, the additional doable it is that they’re going to be chosen to sign it. Only then will the block flip into half of the chain, with every the miner and the validators receiving their reward.


As the protocol combines every PoS and PoW, proof of train is thought-about to be a safer numerous with the prospect of a 51% assault turning into far a lot much less doable as a result of of the need of the attacked to manage half of the mining hashrate from PoW and the lion’s share of money throughout the system to attain the PoS.

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