What is a mono-signature pockets?


When you ship bitcoin, you aren’t really transferring it between addresses. The Bitcoin is principally saved in a digital vault the place it stays regardless of the proprietor. What you’re actually doing is altering the locks to swimsuit the recipient(s)’s key reasonably than your private.

Cryptocurrency wallets will each require one or a variety of signatures (or ‘keys’, as inside the occasion above) to realize entry and sign and ship a cryptocurrency transaction. If a variety of signatures are required, it’s usually often known as a multi-signature (multisig) pockets. If it’s one signature, it’s usually often known as a mono-signature (monosig) pockets.The former requires only one signature, or key, to unlock a pockets, due to this fact mono, which means single, and signature (key). Monosig wallets are by far the commonest on the Bitcoin blockchain. Wallets that require a variety of signatures are known as multisig wallets.

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