What Happened on JPEX?

What Happened on JPEX?

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After years of running as one of the most effective centralized cryptocurrency exchanges ( CEXs) in the decentralized financing area, JPEX is lastly releasing its native possession, called JPC. This is a digital possession that will be adding to the total environment of the JPEX platform. With countless users all over the world and more than 100 cryptocurrencies on its platform, the launch of JPC will include more liquidity to the total volume of crypto trading platforms.

Aside from this, JPC would be adding to the better market capitalization of tokens backed by exchanges around the world.

When will JPC be released?

JPC will be released on the JPEX platform on Monday, August 8, 2022, at 20:00 (GMT +8 Hours). The coin will be offered for trading on JPEX.

What Happened on JPEX

How Can JPC Improve the Crypto Finance Industry?

Non-Fungible Token

Due to the development in innovation and the increasing development of Web3, the Metaverse, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto trading platforms continue to re-strategize to stay appropriate in this saturated market.

In the last 12 months, Coinbase andCrypto com have actually released NFT markets. NFTs have actually ended up being a billion-dollar market that has actually produced near to USD 40 billion in sales, per information from Crypto Slam.

Due to its success, retail video-game shop GameStop released an NFT platform in July to acquire a share of the earnings from digital antiques. At its peak in January 2022, NFT markets produced about USD 16 billion, per information from theBlock

As among the most lively innovations today, JPEX might sign up with the NFT area, and this might see making use of JPC as the main digital currency that will manage deals in the market.

Mainstream Adoption

Many cryptocurrencies have actually been embraced by countless merchants worldwide. JPC might interfere with the market by being accepted as a transactional currency in the mainstream given that it has all the vital qualities of cash (energy, transferability, non-counterfeitability, resilience, deficiency, and divisibility).

Decentralized Finance

DeFi is understood for supplying above-average returns for users. JPEX presently has 3 methods of earning. The very first type is making through Savings utilizing mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), ApeCoin (APE), Cardano (ADA), and the stablecoin Tether (USDT) to name a few. The 2nd type is purchasing DeFi tokens such as SUSHI, Yearn Finance (YFI), Curve (CRV), AAVE, Chainlink (LINK), Compound (COMPENSATION), and Mdex (MDX). Lastly, users can make benefits by supplying swap liquidity. The minimum yield is 10% and the optimum is 235%.

As the exchange’s primary token, JPC might be bringing big benefits to users intrigued in locking a few of the tokens away for constant passive earnings.

Who Can Own JPC and What is JPC Lottery?

Once the digital currency is released on August 8, users of JPEX can have access to the token.

Celebrating JPC launch, JPEX is hosting a JPC Lottery on the launchpad. Subscribe now to win 20,000,000 JPC tokens.

Period: 5pm (GMT +8) 27th July – 3rd August, 2022

Price: 200 USDT (Non- winners get 200USDT returned)

  1. Log on to / jp-ex. io
  2. Register or Login to your account
  3. Proceed to do KYC with the account
  4. Go to ‘Launchpad’
  5. Purchase the lotto ticket for 200USDT
  6. Wait till 3 Aug for winner circulation

There are over 100,000 individuals that have actually signed up with the JPC lotto on JPEX launchpad!

Who will be the winner of everything?

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JPC blockchain system is ERC-20

  • Transaction cost waiver
  • Support JPEX video game hall exchange
  • Pay JPC on- chain deal costs
  • Promise Friend benefit system for more financial advantages
  • Pledge the defined total up to get the advantages in the buddy benefit
  • Limited regular monthly present packs and function cards are released
  • JPC Community Development Program
  • First- time membership deal for brand-new listings
  • JPEX platform job ballot rights
  • Subscription rights to collaboration programs
  • NFT and Metaverse item provides and trading discount rates
  • Increase in possession insurance coverage
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What is Beat the Bear Market?

The Beat the Bear Market Webinar is a 2 (2 )- day occasion that will include the indispensable insights of 15 renowned speakers who are market professionals. In all, more than 3,000 individuals will be going to the occasion due to thorough understanding which can assist turn portfolios with high losses into massive gains. More significantly, more than 200 non-fungible token (NFT), and stablecoin, Tether (USDT) winners will be revealed by the end of the occasion. The occasion will be kept in thePhilippines

What does the occasion involve?

Before the centerpiece, there will be a personal occasion on Thursday, August 4, 2022. This has actually been called Air Media NFTGallery Admission and Registration will start at 1900 Hours regional time. After that, there will be a Gallery Tour of Air Media NFT. This will be followed by the main opening of the Beat theBear Market Event The staying time through to midnight will see a live efficiency, raffle illustration, mingling, and networking.

Saturday, August 6, 2022, is THE FIRST DAY (1) of the Beat the Bear Market WEBINAR. From 1800 Hours regional time, there will be admission into theWebinar A short intro to the webinar will be done. After that, a summary of what JPEX has to do with will follow. Despite its appeal, many individuals do not understand what cryptocurrency involves, so among the speakers will inform the audience about what cryptocurrency indicates. From then, the occasion will go deep into the strategy required to counter the bearishness, and the 5 pillars of trading intro and basic analysis. Three (3) pillars will be completely described and the very first day of the occasion will end.

Sunday, August 7, 2022, is DAY 2 (2) and will start with admission. After that, there will be a wrap-up of the first day’s activities. This will be followed by Pillars 4 and 5. Once done, the emerging decentralized self-governing company (DAO), and the value of decentralized financing (DeFi) will be highlighted. Moreover, video gaming financing (GameFi) has actually overtaken Generation Z and has actually ended up being a type of passive earnings for lots of citizens of establishing economies. Play- to-Earn (P2E) resulted in the success of Axie Infinity and will be gone over thoroughly.

There have actually been many regulative difficulties this year due to the collapse of the TerraUSD (UST) which has actually resulted in concerns being raised about the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream.

The method forward in regards to adoption will completely be explored.

From 21:15 regional time in the Philippines, attention will be relied on Traditional Business and Web3 along with making wealth in this digital transformation.

Question and Answer sections will follow. After this, there will be a Raffle Draw to reveal the winners of NFTs, USDTs, and BlueArk ( BRK).

Closing remarks will be offered and the occasion will end.

The speakers that will be sharing insights originated from significant stakeholders of the area such as Crypto Verse, Crypto Mind, Afante Studios, Bored Punks of Society, Air Media NFT Gallery, Crypto Mind, Crypto Wall, SMC Strategies, Project Quidit, Adamant Coin, and Finn Cotton NFT.

Among the speakers are;

Marvin Favis

Marvin Germo

Chinkee Tan

James Afante

Paulo Sagubo

Ralph Quidit

Anthony Corpuz

Paul Dela Fuente

How Do I Register?

All you need to do is to develop your JPEX account by utilizing this code THOCPH, and after that register HERE You can go with General Admission or VIP GAIN ACCESS TO


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