Wall Street Memes Responds Swiftly to Discord Attack, Compensates Victims

Wall Street Memes has taken rapid action by launching the Discord Hack Relief Fund to aid community members who fell prey to fraud during the October cyber attack on its Discord server. In an innovative move, the team airdropped funds from the relief fund to compensate those affected by the attackers who briefly seized control of the server.

Compensation claims submitted by November 17 will see compromised wallet funds refunded on a 1:1 basis. The cyber attack on October 12 had scammers posing as official team members, leading to unsuspecting community members losing their funds upon following fraudulent instructions.

The relief fund, totalling $46,000 in $WSM, aims to mitigate the impact of the attack. The Wall Street Memes team swiftly tackled the coordinated attack, alleviating concerns within the community by promptly announcing the compensation scheme.

To track the airdrop, users can visit the provided Etherscan address: [Etherscan Link](https://etherscan.io/tx/0xe6dd3b91bd70becb81db30cb182ee07755dd9f9136b540ce4c3287187e012460).

Community members express gratitude on Telegram, confirming receipt of compensation in their new wallets. One recipient, Punyemas, voiced appreciation, stating, “I have received the compensation due to discord hack, nice one team WSM and more power, to the moon.”

In the aftermath of the attack, the WSM team conducted thorough research to uncover the attack vector. They established a claims portal for compromised wallet addresses, providing straightforward instructions for claimants within 48 hours.

Compensation amounts varied, with the largest claim reaching $6,600.60 and the smallest at $8.17.

As part of their post-hack initiatives, Wall Street Memes introduced the Wall Street Memes Casino Loyalty Program. This program rewards casino users, with $WSM token holders enjoying preferential treatment for enhanced perks. The program includes special missions and personalized loyalty dashboards.

Additionally, the Wall Street Casino Affiliate Program is on the horizon, offering eligible affiliates the opportunity to earn up to 40% of Net Gaming Revenue on referred customers. The program is set to launch next week.

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