Ubisoft’s ‘Champions Tactics’ NFT Game Joins Animoca’s ‘Mocaverse’

Crypto gaming firm Animoca Brands reveals a strategic move, integrating Ubisoft’s forthcoming NFT game, Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, into its Web3 Frequent Player Program. Animoca’s NFT Membership initiative, Mocaverse, introduces “Realm Points” earned by Moca ID holders through diverse participation-based tasks.

In a statement, Animoca Brands’ co-founder Yat Siu expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration with Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, leveraging Mocaverse’s program and incentives for user onboarding. Ubisoft’s VP, of Strategic Innovation Lab, Nicolas Pouard, shares Ubisoft’s pleasure in supporting Animoca’s consumer-facing execution through Mocaverse.

Blockchain-based Moca IDs, exclusive to Mocaverse NFT holders, serve as identifiers across Animoca Brands’ gaming and crypto projects. To secure a Moca ID, fans must obtain an invite code from an NFT owner, emphasizing exclusivity.

Ubisoft’s second crypto gaming collaboration this month sees the company actively advancing Champions Tactics. While details of the Ubisoft-Animoca collaboration are pending, Mocaverse is poised to “collaborate, support, and amplify” Ubisoft’s blockchain initiatives.

Ubisoft, after recently partnering with Immutable for a crypto “gaming experience,” plans the first free mint of Champions Tactics next month. The collaboration aligns with Ubisoft’s ongoing NFT launches with crypto metaverse firm The Sandbox. Ubisoft’s financial involvement in Animoca Brands dates back to October 2021, and this collaboration further solidifies their enduring partnership. In September 2022, Animoca raised $20 million for Mocaverse’s development, emphasizing its commitment to metaverse and gaming ventures.

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