WorldPlay X web3 protocol $30000 giveaway

WorldPlay X web3 protocol $30000 giveaway

A 1000$ USDT + 30,000$ $WPAY token giveaway is happening, and you can participate in this event and get a share of the total reward pool. What is World Play ? A decentralized payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing direct transactions without a third party. Protects against fraud and supports small […]

Discordels X Coinstages Giveaway

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  About Discordels Discordels is the very first NFT collection of Discord characters on the Sui blockchain.🎨 This unique collection will be available with incredible Game Utilities #web3 and $DDL. Giveaway Details The giveaway offers the following prizes: •🎁25,000 $DDL for 500 Random Winners •🎁10 WL for 10 Random Winners •🎁 5 OG for 5 […]

Yellow Network and CryptoTech Collaborate for Next-Gen DeFi Experience

Yellow Network - Web3 blockchain products & services ecosystem | Building next-gen DeFi experience for exchanges, brokers & traders.

Yellow Network is a Web3 blockchain products and services ecosystem that aims to build the next-generation DeFi experience for exchanges, brokers, and traders. They have collaborated with CryptoTech to achieve this goal. Prize Pool Breakdown: Top 1-10 Refs: Each winner will receive 800 $DUCKIES. Top 11-20 Refs: Each winner will receive 500 $DUCKIES. Random 220: […]

Join the Web3 Protocol X SFT Protocol $RSPD Giveaway Now!

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Be part of a thrilling $250 $RSPD token giveaway event and grab your share of the prize pool. What is the World SFT Protocol? The SFT protocol offers solutions to the POS blockchain staking liquidity challenge and delivers the cloud node API and equipment services necessary to provide the quickest and most trustworthy Web3 infrastructure. […]

Wise Crypto X RABET Giveaway

REBET is an innovative platform that specializes in recreational prediction on BRC-20. With this giveaway, you stand a chance to win from the prize pool of 10,000 $RBET. The promotion runs from May 24, 2023, to May 29, 2023. Here are the categories for potential winners: 🎖️ Top Referrals 🎖️ 🥇 Top 1-20 Winners – […]

Web3 Protocol X Bitc Swap $BTBR Giveaway

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A $5000 $BTBR giveaway is happening, and you can participate in this event and get a share of the total reward pool. What is BitcSwap  Stake BTBR, earn free tokens. It’s really that easy. BTBR holders right now are earning tens of millions of USD worth of free tokens each week from major projects. New […]

Eldarune Collaborates with CryptoTech for the 2nd Round

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Eldarune is an AI-powered medieval RPG game that has a thrilling storyline, high-quality 4K graphics, and both PVP and PVE modes. 🏆 Prize Pool Distribution 🏆 🥇 Top 1-10 Referrals «-» 2000 $ELDA Tokens 🥈 Top 11-30 Referrals «-» 1000 $ELDA Tokens 🥉 Top 31-50 Referrals «-» 500 $ELDA Tokens 👬  Random 3,500 Participants  «-»  80 $ELDA Tokens