Tottenham SPURS Launches On OKX; See Token Price, Benefits, And More

Tottenham Hotspur, an English Premier League team, has ventured into the realm of blockchain technology, introducing its Web3 fan token, SPURS.

Today listed on OKX, SPURS utilises blockchain technology to manage and issue of fan tokens, offering supporters of the football club a new way to engage with the team.

As the official fan token of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, SPURS allows fan token holders to participate actively: through match scores prediction, selecting their favourite players, participating in team polls, and much more.

Tottenham Hotspur is based in White Hart Lane, North London.

The Spurs Fan Token is introduced as an added benefit within the club’s membership scheme.

One Hotspur+ Members, Season Ticket Holders (aged 18 and over), received five free SPURS.

Other One Hotspur/One Hotspur Connect users were granted one free SPURS.

Fans received voucher codes via email, redeemable within the Socios.com app, granting them access to club-related activities, quizzes, competitions, and rewards.

Their engagement translates into reward points, unlocking exclusive club experiences.

The collaboration between Chiliz and Socios has been a pivotal driver of this venture.

Reports by Socios reveal that their ecosystem has disbursed over $400 million to the global sports industry, nurturing increased fan engagement and interaction.

SPURS token’s launch transpired on the Chiliz blockchain, with support from the fan engagement platform Socios.com.

As of publishing, 6128 unique addresses currently own SPURS.

On OKX, deposits for SPURS initiated at 06:00 (UTC).

The actual trading of the token is scheduled to commence tomorrow on October 26 at 10:00 (UTC), with withdrawal accessible from October 27 at 10:00 (UTC).

Market prices for the token will likely only be released then.

In light of the launch, OKX has further announced that its Jumpstart platform will integrate the token.

This programme, starting on October 23 at 6:00 AM UTC and concluding on October 26 at 6:00 AM UTC, will distribute a total of 500,000 SPURS tokens, equivalent to 1.25% of the total supply, to stakers on OKX.

Alexandre Dreyfus, the CEO of Chiliz and Socios, revealed ongoing discussions with Spurs dating back to 2022.

He shared the club’s intentions to integrate the fan token into their loyalty program and mobile app, demonstrating a strong commitment to enhanced fan engagement.

In a past press release, Ryan Norys, Commercial Sales Director of Tottenham Hotspur, stated:

“We’re pleased to be able to provide fans worldwide with a new range of Club-related rewards and experiences. Our Fan Token will build on the many benefits of our existing membership scheme. We’ll be offering all our Members and Season Ticket Holders free Fan Tokens at launch and are working with Socios.com to deliver a range of rewards that carry appeal to both domestic and international fans.”

SPURS initially became available to the public at a launch price of $2 per token, with a global circulating supply of 3 million tokens.

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