This Source Leaked That Circle USDC Might Go For An IPO

Circle Internet Financial, the issuer of the USDC stablecoin, is reportedly exploring the possibility of going public in early 2024, according to undisclosed sources familiar with the situation.

The company is said to be in discussions with advisors, preparing for a potential initial public offering (IPO).

There is no assurance that Circle will opt for a listing.

In its prior attempt at a blank-check deal in 2022, Circle was valued at approximately US$9 billion.

A representative for Circle stated:

“Becoming a US-listed public company has long been part of Circle’s strategic aspirations. We don’t comment on rumours.”

In the previous year, Circle terminated a merger deal with Concord Acquisition, a blank-check firm led by former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond, which aimed to facilitate the company’s public offering.

Circle has garnered investments from notable firms such as Goldman Sachs Group, General Catalyst Partners, BlackRock, Fidelity Management and Research, and Marshall Wace.


In a 2022 funding round, it was valued at approximately US$7.7 billion, as reported by Axios.

Circle is the issuer of one of the world’s largest stablecoins.

Earlier this year, Circle revealed it had approximately US$3.3 billion of exposure related to the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank, leading to a temporary deviation in the value of USD Coin.

As the world’s second largest stablecoin provider, Circle provides monthly attestations that continue to report USDC reserves greater than or equal to the amount in circulation each month.

Circle’s September’s report stated that the USDC reserves and supply as of September 29 were about 25 billion respectively.

As of time of publication, these sources have yet to be revealed.

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