‘The Three-Body Problem’ CEO Poisoning Case Set for Court Hearing Today

The tragic demise of Lin Qi, a top gaming executive who was once at the helm of Youzu Networks, created shockwaves across both China and the global gaming industry.

Lin Qi was an integral part of the industry, with Yoozoo Games best known for hits like “Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming.” His shocking death in December 2020—potentially via poisoned pu’er tea—left a void in the company, igniting rumors and changes in its hierarchy.

Before his untimely death, he was even dabbling in the movie scene with plans to adapt the sci-fi series “Three-Body Problem” for Netflix.

Fast forward to October 2023, the wheels of justice are finally turning. A court date is set to hear Lin Qi’s murder case, with Xu Yao—a former colleague—marked as the defendant.

The plaintiffs? Zhao Jilong and Zhao Yuyao, are both high-ranking members of Youzuo Group.

However, Xu Yao isn’t just another face in the crowd. The man graduated from the University of Michigan Law School and has an impressive track record in legal circles.

Now let’s rewind the tape. In December 2020, Lin Qi was allegedly poisoned, stirring online debates like a trending game trailer. Originally, his condition was said to be “improving,” but he died two days later, shaking both the social and gaming spheres. It’s like losing the main character in the middle of the story.

Lin Qi’s demise set off a chain reaction, shifting power dynamics within Youzu Networks. Think of it as a new game update that changed all the rules. First, Lin’s three minor children were declared the inheritors of his shares.

But the plot thickens. Less than six months later, news surfaced that Xu Fenfen, Lin’s spouse and the children’s mother, who is also equity-less directorship at Youzu pte. Ltd, was planning an equity transfer. Xu FenFen oversees a Singaporean arm focused on gaming R&D, owned by Youzu Networks Co., Ltd., but doesn’t own a slice of the pie. It’s like the plot twist you never saw coming.

Alongside this internal drama, Youzu’s numbers tell a sombre tale. Imagine your high game score steadily dropping; that’s what happened to Youzu’s revenue and net profits over the years.

Enter Wan Zheng, a new player with a cryptic persona, who took the reins of Youzu this year. Picture a mysterious avatar joining your gaming guild and suddenly becoming the guild leader. That’s how game-changing this move was.

Since then, not only has the management seen a reshuffle but Youzu is also steering towards Artificial Intelligence. In the gaming world, consider this the introduction of an advanced power-up that could turn the tide.

Still, Youzu has to do more than level up to revive its waning fortunes. The challenge isn’t over; it’s more like a difficult mission that players are yet to master.

Financially, Youzu’s story resembles a fluctuating game score, with stock prices rising amidst dwindling revenues. The big question is whether this company, riddled with more plot twists than a complex video game, can stage a successful comeback.

End of the quest for now, but as any gamer knows, the game is never really over.

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