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The Max Exposure in Polygon and Hole is revealed by Alameda Portfolio.

The Max Exposure in Polygon and Hole is revealed by Alameda Portfolio.

The capital portfolio of the defunct cryptocurrency trading business Alameda venture capital was only been released publicly, indicating that the company’s largest token investments were in the companies Polygon, Hole, and Port Finance.

Additionally, the FTX/Almeda portfolio brought to light several intriguing investment opportunities. This contains around 450 illiquid assets that are dispersed across 10 holding entities and have a combined value of $5.4 billion.

The portfolio showed that HOLE had the greatest token investment with $67.5 million, followed by NEAR (FTX) with $50 million, Polygon with $50 million, NEAR (Alameda) with $30 million, and Port Finance with $33.5 million respectively.

The investments that stood out among others were those made by the cryptocurrency mining company Genesis Digital, which contributed $1.15 billion, and the Open AI developed by Anthropic, which contributed $500 million.

In addition, Sequoia capital, which had only lately written down its interest in FTX to a value of zero dollars, was also listed among the assets of the defunct trading business. The records pertaining to Alameda made reference to an investment of $45 million in Anthony Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Capital.

According to the spreadsheet that was leaked, FTX has moved thirty percent of its ownership in SkyBridge over to Alameda in order to safeguard the assets of investors. However, according to SkyBridge’s founder Anthony Scaramucci, the company has suffered financial losses as a result of its ownership of FTX’s FTT tokens. The portfolio shed some light on the whereabouts of some of the money that was invested.

The list contains several start-up video game studios and betting platforms, as well as online banks, publishers, a military drone maker, a fertility clinic, and a company that specializes in vertical farming. In addition to the major cryptocurrency businesses, the list also contains several start-up video game studios. Some of the entries don’t seem to be connected to any existing companies, which suggests that they could be misspelled or miscategorized.

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