The BAYC Food Truck and free NFTs helped bring about 2,500 attendees to the NFT.London event.


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The two-day inaugural event that drew attention with its BAYC-themed food truck, NFT vending machine, puppies, and a “zen-den” is organized by none other than NFT.London. Around 2,500 people flocked to the event, with over 800 speakers.


This is the first time that a real-life NFT event of such a unique kind has taken place. The NFT community as a whole has congregated in a food truck, which has given the event a laid-back ambient mood.

NFT.London spared no effort in ensuring that this event will be enjoyable for all that attended. NFT t-shirt printers, new metaverse platforms, QR codes advertising whitelists for forthcoming mints, and, of course, a BAYC-themed fast food truck were among the most popular features of the event.

The BAYC truck was introduced to the area because to a partnership between a frozen potato company called McCain and a restaurant in California called Bored and Hungry, which is modeled like BAYC. The partnership may seem odd, but it was undoubtedly successful in getting them a large number of responses.

McCain has not only taken part in this NFT event, but he also made his debut in the metaverse with Regen fries a week ago. Additionally, the first event provided participants with the option to purchase NFT tickets via YellowHear; nevertheless, the vast majority of attendees chose to purchase QR code tickets instead.

However, in comparison to the 15,000 people that attended the NFT.NYC, which was organized by the same organisation, this event was a lot smaller. In contrast, the atmosphere of the event as a whole was more intimate, and it did not follow the standard conference format of having a series of speakers.

bored and hungry

Cameron Bale, co-founder of NFT.NYC as well as the event’s producer, said that “This was our first major event in London (we hosted a small NFT event there in March 2018) and we have seen a great response from the community.” We had a total attendance of just 460 people at our very first NFT.NYC event in 2019, which took place in 2019.

At the end of the NFT.London conference, the dates for the NFT.NYC 2023 were revealed. The next NFT.NYC will take place from April 12-14 at Hudson Yards and Times Square in New York City. The next year will again play host to NFT.London.

Bale said that they believed it was still early days and that they would return in 2023.

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