Temasek-Backed Authentickator and Singapore-Based Smobler Collaborate to Bridge Web 3 and Web 2

Authentickator and Smobler have joined forces to bridge the gap between Web 3 and Web 2, making blockchain-based assets and experiences accessible to a broader audience.

Authentickator, co-founded by Temasek and Menyala, provides a platform that enables users to easily browse, purchase, and verify the authenticity of NFTs via major e-commerce sites, without the need for a wallet or web3 experience. Smobler, headquartered in Singapore, specialises in blockchain-based gaming, metaverse creation, and event production. This partnership holds the promise of creating captivating, blockchain-based gaming experiences and digital collectibles that appeal to a wider audience while ensuring security and authenticity.

3VEREST is a Metaverse experience within The Sandbox that celebrates adventure, allowing players to scale Mount Everest. These exclusive NFTs will be available for purchase using credit cards, making it easier for Web 2 users to dive into the world of digital collectibles. Authentickator and Smobler are breaking down barriers to ensure everyone can participate in this exciting digital frontier.


As Web 3 merges with Web 2 in this innovative partnership, the future of digital collectibles is poised to become more inclusive and immersive. With a strong emphasis on accessibility, innovation, and authenticity, this collaboration not only holds promise for a wider global audience but also carries the potential to benefit Singapore’s position in the digital landscape. Singapore stands to gain as it further establishes itself as a hub for blockchain-based gaming and metaverse creation.

This partnership reinforces the city-state’s role in driving forward the digital revolution, making NFTs and digital collectibles accessible to a broader audience, ultimately contributing to the growth of the digital economy in Singapore.

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