Teen CEO Spends $115K on ‘hello.app’ for Decentralised Storage Launch

“I can barely afford my morning coffee, never mind a Web3 decentralised storage software”

Teen CEO Álvaro Pintado Santaularia recently acquired the web domain hello.app for $115,000.

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Hello.app is quite the revolutionary venture, aiming to disrupt the way we store data.

The domain is a gateway to the world’s first decentralised storage network that functions on mobile devices, iPads, and PCs.

It’s been designed as a ‘decentralised Dropbox,’ in layman’s terms, giving people more control over their own data.

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This young entrepreneur is not alone in his endeavour.

Álvaro is joined by Alexander Baikalov, another young whiz kid in tech.

Together, they intend to set a new standard in data storage that shifts focus from corporations to individual users.

In terms of technology, hello.app utilises blockchain to secure data.

This eliminates common vulnerabilities like a single point of failure that plague traditional, centralised data storage services.

To sweeten the pot, hello.app plans to offer 100GB of free storage space to new users.

This is aligned with their mission to make this new way of storing data easily accessible to the mainstream user.

Image: chainwire

The founders, Álvaro and Alexander, are no novices in the tech world.

Álvaro, a Mensa member, previously started an AI-based venture and authored a book on decentralised finance at just 17.

Alexander, meanwhile, has been freelancing in the software realm since he was 15.

CEO Álvaro Pintado Santaularia says,

“Web3 systematically addresses many of the prevalent challenges across the Web2 domain – the dominance of select industry heavyweights and the privacy of individual’s data being undercut at every turn.”

He firmly believes that hello.app will change the landscape of data storage to focus on individual needs and privacy.

Image: hello.app

This high-value domain acquisition follows a successful pre-seed funding round where the company raised €300,000 at a €1.4 million valuation.

This purchase clearly aligns with their vision to reshape the way we think about storing data.

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