Team Liquid Joins Forces with Illuvium for NFT Collaboration and Esports Endeavors

Esports juggernaut Team Liquid has solidified a significant partnership with the developers of Illuvium, a recently-launched NFT game.

The collaboration encompasses various facets, including the creation of exclusive Illuvium-themed NFTs, consultation on game development intricacies, and active involvement in establishing the game’s esports landscape.

Team Liquid’s foray into Illuvium involves thorough testing of its turn-based, player-versus-player (PVP) creature autobattler.

Victor Goossens, the founder and co-CEO of Team Liquid, expressed the organisation’s keen interest, stating, “We’ll be limit-testing and advising them on the PVP aspect of their game. We’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of the game from what we’ve seen so far.”

Illustrious members of Team Liquid, including League of Legends player “Broxah” and content creator “Midbeast,” are set to explore the intricacies of Illuvium.

Team Liquid’s CEO exudes confidence in Illuvium’s potential, stating, “We are confident that this will be a game that rewards skill and strategy, much like many of the games that Liquid participates in today.”

Team Liquid, having secured $35 million in funding last year at a $415 million valuation, plans to extend its influence within Illuvium by actively contributing to its esports journey.

The collaboration includes co-hosting a 2024 esports tournament with a substantial $100,000 prize pool, effectively elevating the competitive gaming experience within the Illuvium ecosystem.

As a distinctive element of the partnership, Illuvium will introduce NFTs inspired by Team Liquid, featuring character skins and avatars.

These digital assets will be accessible within the Immutable X ecosystem, an Ethereum scaling network with a gaming focus.

The collaboration holds symbolic significance, as mentioned by the Illuvium team in a blog post: “This collaboration is more than just two names shaking hands.

It’s about setting a precedent for Web3 gaming in mainstream esports.

It’s about creating a world where gaming achievements translate to the real world, where every move could be the one that lands you something epic.”

Team Liquid’s exploration of the intersection between crypto and competitive gaming aligns with industry trends. Alongside counterparts like TSM and M80, Team Liquid seeks to integrate Web3 gaming experiences for its fan base.

Ross Groves, Team Liquid’s Web3 Senior Partnerships Manager, shared during a panel discussion at the 3XP conference earlier this year, “We want to really just be able to bring our fans into Web3 and give them a safe way to onboard and to try these great new games that we see coming around.”

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